Last week was quite busy and difficult, because on Wednesday we shot the whole campaign, on Thursday we were waking up early for Teleráno, and on Friday we were trying to catch up with all the missed calls and e-mails, which we had received when we were out of office. But nevertheless, we are really happy that it all worked out and we’ve decided to share the experience from our professional KATTIVA campaign shooting with you.

In the past, all of photoshoots weren’t much professional. Ivka’s main photographer was her husband-to-be, Majo Gaborík and when possible, we used photos from different media and our own faces. After our last shoot like this, which was in LA, we agreed that we would try to organize something on a whole different level also with the brand.

Well, the summer finally arrived and it was about time to show you our new collections. We asked a team of professional and also amazing, smart people, who are our friends at the same time, picked a date and started brainstorming. We were truly delighted that everyone we asked said yes.

The whole gang set off to Austrian Neusiedl am See, where it reminds you of being by the sea. 🙂 It was probably the hottest day of that week, real summer weather, on one hand it was great, on the other, can you imagine how tired we were? We borrowed a sexy and stylish MINI convertible from BMW Group for the day and we are super grateful for that. 🙂

The direction of the spot was led by incredibly talented director Michal Nemtuda, who was so deep in his creative process here and there, that it made our whole day. His assistant was skilled Boris Beharka. This duo was all over the place to get the best pictures of our models. We have to say that the photos, we had a chance to see on the camera, looked amazing!

The styling was all in the hands of a really nice person with original style and taste, Barborka Gabrišová Yurkovič; with her right hand being Tamarka. Since her bump is quite big and the baby could come any day now, she prepared the outfits in advance and Iva took care of the styling on the spot, so everything would be perfect as planned. We were excited about her helping us because she can really make stylish miracles happen!

Another brilliant person from the team was the photographer, Peťa Bošanská. We worked together a few times in the past, that’s why we decided to work with her again. We spent a very pleasant day together and the pictures are going to look wonderful! It was really nice of her to find some spare time and not to turn us down. We almost felt honored!

Veronika Vargová, the make-up artist, belongs to the best ones in Slovakia and she definitely proved that during the photoshoot. As the models were already naturally pretty, they did not need much work. And that might even be the most difficult. Veronika showed us what a pro she is and the girls looked like goddesses.

Bibi, Sisa and Zuzka. Our very first KATTIVA models. We asked them through Instagram and were desperately waiting for their reply. To our surprise, they were happy about the offer and handled the whole day as true professionals. They were the center of attention and had almost no rest. They had to change at least four times!

And well, then it’s us three, the core KATTIVA team. Our Alex was always available if someone needed a hand and we were very proud of her because it was her first photoshoot from the backstage position. She did great. And of course, we tried to make every little detail perfect.


The atmosphere throughout the day was awesome, we had so much fun. When a team of great people and professionals gets together, the result can only be amazing. We can’t wait for the final photos, what about you?

So, you wouldn’t say we are bragging, because it really was not the intention, we have a little quiz for you. Leave us a comment saying ‘What do you think is the origin of KATTIVA?’ and the winner, who will receive our accessories in the amount of 20 EUR, will be in the post on Sunday! And if you write some extra note or opinion, we will be more than happy! 🙂

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Katka & Iva