Hey ladies! As you may know, we have been looking for healthy nutrition for a while, and we are happy to share what we’ve found with you … Healthy lifestyle is key to long-term health but also beauty, which goes hand in hand with being healthy. By accident, we stumbled upon a topic we did not really care much about in the past, but after digging deeper we found out where many of our health issues come from. The subject is acid-base balance, or, in a nutshell, the ratio of acids and alkaline  in our body. Read on, because even if the title sounds terrifying, going through this article can change your life!

In today’s way of life and consumption of chemically processed foods, it is very difficult to avoid occasional over-acidification. By being aware of this risk we can avoid its chronic form, because if you reach that point there’s no way of going back. Acidification of the body can be determined by the pH value in the body. We will not explain the entire process of metabolism in the body because we are not nutritional counselors and chemistry is not our strength. So, if this article is read by some experts, sorry for some amateur expressions! 😀

Maintaining optimal pH in the body is of the highest importance, for example, you can see what the level is with a pH test that can be bought at a pharmacy. Throughout the day, the pH changes, it is the most acidic in the morning, when acids are eliminated through the urine.

Symptoms of over-acidification (also called acidosis):

  • being tired after eating, fatigue, lack of energy
  • stress, depression, irritability
  • excessive weight gain / loss
  • weaker immunity, frequent colds
  • fragile, falling hair
  • brittle nails, bones
  • white tongue plaque
  • bad breath
  • heartburn
  • joint pain

If you have found yourselves in some points, it is quite likely that you have an acidic organism and it’s time to do something about it! But the good news is that acidification can be improved by base (alkaline) eating. It’s not a diet, more like a lifestyle. Of course, eating 100% alkalic dishes is close to impossible, and a diet that acidifies the body after consuming must have its fair share. But keep in mind the following list of foods, and remember that foods that are acid-forming to us must be in a minority, namely 20% acid-producing and 80% alkali or neutral. People used to eat in such ration in the past.

The table nicely suggests that we should definitely pay more attention to fruits and veggies, than meat (although some acid-producing foods such as meat and fish are certainly important from a different point of view).

If you’ve decided to fix your acid-base balance, follow these tips (it really works, we’ve tried it!)

1.EAT FRESH – Buy fresh foods, study their ingredients, because nobody wants to eat chemicals (and many do because they are only driven by taste buds). Ideally, diets are adapted to a given season because it is logical that blueberries traveling from Chile or Peru (which are mostly in at the grocer’s) are not as natural and fresh as ours, Slovak. Also avoid frozen foods.

2. USE HERBS – Put herbs, which are alkaline and tasty, into your daily diet. Whether you have  delicious herbal tea instead of coffee or use the herbs when cooking, all the alternatives are healthy. In addition, herb seasoning will make you use salt less.

3. GOLDEN POTATOES – Even though they contain starch, but from the point of view of acid-base balance, they are absolutely the best! Potatoes are great alkaline food, and if your body is acidic, put them in your meals.

4. MOVE – We are going to repeat ourselves once again, but even here, movement is extremely important. Appropriate body movement activates and fixes the cardiovascular system, joint and bone tissue, skin and lungs. Plus, you will feel your endorphins and get into shape.

5. SWEAT – If you sweat as you move, you need to see it as a benefit because your body removes harmful substances through skin which also cleanses and improves skin through better blood circulation. This is also mentioned in the article about hot yoga, where you will be soaking in sweat, but the skin really gets firm. If you haven’t read this article yet, you can do so HERE. Of course, you get the same results in a sauna. Therefore, you don’t need to be aftraid of getting a little sweaty!

6. MEDITATE – For those of you who have never been to yoga, this may sound funny, but we have to tell you that breathing exercises and meditation are nothing silly, and it really helps with acid-base balance! If you don’t feel like doing yoga, try to stop for a bit during your day and really not think about anything but yourself. You’ll feel better and you’ll more productive!

7. DRINK APPLE VINEGAR – This is actually a complete paradox, because the apple vinegar is totally acidic, but very strong alkali-producing! It’s an absolute cure-all, and besides you can cleanse your skin with it, you should drink it when you’re trying to get your acid-base back on track. We drink it every morning before having breakfast mixed with some water.

There is, of course, much more to it, but we see this as essential points that can really be met every day. And you know what? You will feel better after a few days, and you will gain inner strength. In the long run, you will strengthen your immune system, help prevent tooth decay, rejuvenate skin, hair and nails, prevent illnesses and also chronic diseases (gout or rheumatism), and you will simple feel better when you get older and older. It might be strange to think about it now, but unfortunately all of us are going to be old one day, so let’s do it with style and in health!

We still have to add one important thing. Acidity in the body also increased by medicine. If you suffer from a disease and take any, it’s very likely that you have an acidic organism. For you, having an alkali diet is even more important!

Girls, we believe that this article has encouraged you a bit to think about the topic and, if so, we certainly recommend you to study it more. Most of the information is from the book Acid-basic Equilibrium (Eva-Maria Kraske), from which we have also got the whole table above, because there really is nothing new to come up with and we wanted you to have it in case you needed it. We look forward to your comments and we hope to help many of you.

Enjoy this Sunday!

Katka and Iva