About us

It all started at a dance competition when we were about 8 years old. Even though, we were against each other, we were chitchatting all the breaks anyway. The phones of that time were more like a brick than a fashion accessory nowadays and of course there wasn’t the option of electronic communication. That’s why the time we spent together was limited. Everything changed when we bumped into each other at a prep course for the University of Economics in Bratislava.

We couldn’t believe our own eyes! We were together almost every second, went through the first year, got ready for the exams and were comping up with new ideas and what to do at the same time. Iva finished this school, but I decided to start something new, maybe more suitable for me and chose the major Communication & Mass Media. Then the era of Let’s Dance(s) started, those were the golden days. There are many talented dancers in Slovakia, but we were the lucky ones to be chosen by the TV company and we value this opportunity to this day. Both of us love dancing and this program was full of positive and unbelievably creative people who put an amazing project together. So many long-lasting relationships were made!

Later, we worked together on a different project, one at a theatre. ‘Just Dance’ show was the bomb! We could dance our hearts out, this time with our professional dance partners and make people happy with our performance. But as you may know, dancing is not a profession that you can do your whole life. Two years ago, we were just randomly texting on whatsapp and started to wonder what we’re going to do when we get older or have to go on maternity leave.

Are we going to keep performing in sexy outfits? Probably not. We’ve decided to launch a new brand together; a brand that will offer what we like, what’s ‘in’ at the moment and is unique, to Slovak girls. To get straight to the point, this blog is not about sponsorship from different brands, it’s all about you! We want to show you our lives, what we like, what we do in our free time. We will be so happy if you get inspired. We receive quite a few questions about us, about our lives, daily and we will try to answer all of them.

It’s going to take a while until the blog is full of posts, but we believe that we will succeed in creating a beautiful lifestyle space for you. We simply want to create a girls’ clique in which we inspire one another. So, if you have any idea for a post, let us know! We will try to work with the idea and find as much information as possible and then write something for you. Girls, go ahead and enjoy Kattiva Trends blog!

Katka & Iva