It’s us again after a few weeks! We hope you enjoyed reading our colleagues’, Miška and Emma, posts as well, they will sub in writing here from time to time. Read till the end, there’s a big giveaway waiting for you!

We’ve decided that today’s topic is something that has always fascinated us. There are new fashion trends that blow us off our feet every single year and we can’t imagine our fall or summer without them. However, have you ever thought about the fact that our moms were also crazy about those trends? Why do fashion trends keep coming back and what’s a must for all trendsetters this fall and winter 2017?

Fashion trends are dictated by the most well-known fashion houses and their designers. And they are the ones thinking about inspiration wherever they can. One of the ways of looking for inspiration is going over and analyzing past fashion trends. If something worked in the past and ruled the fashion world, why not give it a try in the present? So, they upgrade the material and cut, and you have new fashion item.

We don’t know about you, but we love these trend comebacks! Because you basically buy a couple of pieces for a season, combine them together with some basics and have a completely different feeling! And let’s be honest, in this time of fast and inexpensive fashion, every woman can go off the rails a bit about some fashion piece…

We’ve picked a few of the best things for fall/winter 2017-2018, that you simply must have!


From the two us, Katka has always been a huge fan of bum bags. They are practical and comfy, and now, super trendy! They have been here for quite some time, belt satchels worn by soldiers in the past centuries can be considered ‘ancestors’ to bum bags. They first appeared in mainstream fashion in the 80’s. People used to wear them to the gym, for a walk, for a night out, just everywhere! Because they were suitable for every occasion and were practical. Obviously, the materials used then, were unappealing to the modern woman now. It was enough, when the fashion houses as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana or Alexander McQueen brought bum bags back around. And here we have an old-new trend and bum bags reigned over the catwalks in 2017. And we were beyond happy! Well, mostly Katka, who finally felt IN with hers and right then we began working on our own bum bags, which will be up on our e-shop next week! We gotta say, you are in for a treat! What’s great is that this cute baggie with a belt can be worn over an oversize blazer or a coat. There’s no limit to creativity and it’s cool to wear a bum bag across your chest. It’s amazingly comfy and even safe! In case of a festival or a party, you don’t need to worry about your wallet or cell phone.



This great accessory is suitable for all women because those, who need to look slimmer, it does exactly that and for the ones, who are extremely skinny, one more layer can do no harm. 🙂 Wide leather belts are having a great comeback this very year. Of course, what kind of fashion environment it would have been if it hadn’t done a stylish upgrade! Belts are worn over a shirt, blazer, dress, and even over elegant coats or jackets! They give your outfit that ‘zing’ and this style is good for the less extravagant types :-).  Beautiful leather belts are up on our e-shop HERE.


They started to be IN when women earned their equality towards men. Shoulder pads were sewn into dresses and suits to give a stronger, in some cases a muscular look! Women began taking over higher managerial positions and they had to do business with men which was not so common at that time. Us, women, have always been smart and when only a small pinch of psychology was needed to be successful, we came up with something! The greatest icon of this trend was Princess Diana. Shoulder pads saw their comeback some time ago and in fall 2017 it’s their Golden Era! So, let’s enjoy it together!


In the past, they were considered extravagant and played a big part at pop singers’ concerts, at the theater or at dance competitions. If someone wore a tiger pattern t-shirt, they had so many curious eyes on them. But when styled inappropriately, it can become a source of jokes. However, the times are changing and tiger patter is THE fashion item you need to have in your wardrobes now! It’s such a statement pattern, that it will stand out only with matched with something simple and subtle! Our advice therefore is: combine a dress or a hoodie with an animal print with a monochrome piece. For example, black and brown leopard dress only with black or brown pieces. Then you can be sure, you are going to be super modern!


The ones who resent disco ball dresses, well, too bad for you! Disco balls are unbelievably trendy this year! And you know what? We are happy, because here and there, each one of us needs to shine! Fantasy is without boundaries, regarding the color and cut, but be careful no to overdo it! If you have a statement dress, match it with a single colored, simpler accessories.


One of the most famous personas in the fashion world, Coco Chanel, said that each woman needs to wear pearls. She was even the first one, who designed a collection of expensive bijou, because before that, women had only worn genuine precious stones. Thank You Coco, for this milestone in fashion! Pearls are great, they are everywhere these days. On pants, t-shirts, socks, hoodies, headbands and so on… They are elegant, sexy and look fancy. Then why not? We prepared hand made hoodies for you as well. Have a look HERE.


Luxury and elegance in one! Metallic materials are perfect for a party and even for daily outfits. This type of a material makes any outfit special. We also like it because it’s not too extravagant but it’s special at the same time. Don’t be afraid to combine a metallic skirt with a basic white t-shirt or sweater. It’s all totally okay. 🙂


Ostrich feathers or boa are a sign of luxury and nobility since the previous century! Perhaps the first pioneer of this trend was a dancer and singer Ginger Rogers, whose famous dance scenes with Fred Astair didn’t leave a single heart cold! The feathers were in her way, and rumor has it, that she was literally allergic to them because when dancing with Fred, the feathers kept falling off and her and Fred breathed them in. But fortunately, these times are not coming back and feather dresses for waltz are only worn at dance competitions. Nothing stands in our way to wear them to a party or just to work. Feathers hit the catwalks like a storm and the windows of designer shops, too! We will show you our designs with feathers in no time, you definitely have something to look forward to! 🙂



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The rules are simple! Leave us a comment which fashion fall trend you like the most and why. The winner will be announced tomorrow, October 9, from all the comments below the post. 🙂 So, follow us on our Instagram profile or Facebook Kattiva Trends, where you will find a winner!


We do believe, we’ve made your fall Sunday nicer and we are sending you a lot of energy for the upcoming work week!

Katka and Iva