What’s up, girls! We hope this was a great week for you and now, you are enjoying Sunday as you deserve! Since the posts about healthy eating are very successful, we’ve decided to share another one this week as well. Have you heard of the word superfood? It’s a term for a group of foods, ingredients, that positively affect our health. Do you think it’s only a marketing move? Well, you are wrong!

From the moment we started eating healthier, we have been noticing great changes! For the start, our skin and hair quality has improved and overall, we feel much better and full of energy. If we ‘cheat’ and decide to have something unhealthy, we immediately feel tired. So why not give it a go?

We will introduce 5 superfoods, which we think are going to boost your life. Try adding these superfoods into your diet and your body and skin will thank you!


We have mentioned it many times, but we won’t hear a bad word against it. Recent studies have shown that turmeric should be one of the things we eat on a daily basis.


– helps with joint pain, arthritis
– fights Alzheimer’s
– has anti-inflammatory effects



– 3 carrots
– juice from half a lemon
– 1 teaspoon of turmeric
– half a glass of ice
– 1 orange
– 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds
– 1 glass of water

This smoothie will definitely wake you up and you will feel amazing afterwards!                                      Nutrition facts: 100 kcal, 3g fat, 11g sugar, 5g fiber


It is originally from Peru. The Incas used it before heading into a fight, so it has a looong history.


– higher energy levels                                                                                                                                                              – higher sexual appetite                                                                                                                                                            – balances out hormones

If you’d like to get a kick without any caffeine, we recommend 1 teaspoon at the beginning.


– 1 glass of spinach or kale
– 1 banana
– 2 teaspoons of maca
– 1 glass of water
– 1/2 of avocado
– 1 and a half teaspoon of cocoa powder
– 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
– 1/2 glass of ice

Nutrition facts: 164 kcal, 7,7g sugar, 6g fiber, 2g protein.


We have had these seeds for few years here, they’re not exotic, but definitely belong to the top five!

– lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels
– high number of antioxidants called lignans
– contain fiber (ideal for weight-loss)

RECIPES:                                                                                                                                                                        Simply put them into your bowl of cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies.                                                               Ivka crushes them up in a mixer and uses them instead of flakes 🙂


If you have a sweet tooth, then lucuma is a superfood that you need to add to your diet. It tastes like caramel, but it has a low glycemic index.

– iron
– beta-carotene                                                                                                                                                                        – zinc

– speeds up healing process
– renews skin
– anti-inflammatory effects

Add it to you smoothies or it’s perfect to be used a natural sweetener in cakes 🙂





– half a glass of lucuma powder
– 1 glass of cashews
– 1 tablespoon of vanilla powder
– ¼ glass of agave syrup
– 1 glass of water
– a pinch of salt


We mix all ingredients together until we get smooth mass. Put into a form and into a freezer overnight.


They are known for being a wonderful source of protein. They have a nutty flavor.


– 20 amino-acids
– omega-3 fatty acids
– omega-6 fatty acids
– fiber
– iron
– magnesium

If you are looking for something with more protein, healthy fat, fiber, just add a spoon of hemp seeds to your soup, salad, smoothie, yogurt and so on.

We believe we’ve inspired you with this article to pay more attention to your body and let it have as much superfoods as you can! If you have your own tips and tricks, let us know! We are always happy to learn something new!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Katka and Iva