Hello girls! We’ve already mentioned that we became a partner of the event Just Neon Yoga, which is going to be held this Sunday, April 15, in Bratislava. Originally, we wanted to encourage you to register but something unbelievable happened – it got sold out yesterday! We believe that you played some part in this, our dear Kattiva gals, and we are going to see you there. Katka is going to represent our blog there and she can’t wait!

So instead we’ve decided to show you some yoga poses you can practice in advance before Sunday. This goes mostly to those who have never done yoga but want to start – and might actually start at Just Neon Yoga.

Did you know that yoga imitates animal movements a lot of times? That’s why those odd names …:-)


  • The head should be pushed between shoulders┬á
  • Spread out fingers
  • Rotate elbows towards the mat
  • Neck and head continue along the same line as the spine
  • Shoulder blades expanded to the sides and down as if you wanted to pull them towards lower ribs
  • Coccyx high up, ischial bone towards your heels
  • Feet as wide as shoulders
  • Rotation inwards in the thighs, rotation outwards in the calves
  • Keep pushing heels onto the mat (dancers could have some difficulty with this :))
  • Lower ribs in breathing out position

2.CHATURANGA – it’s a transition from plank to Cobra or Upward-facing dog (basic transition when doing Sun Salutation, the technique is very important)

  • Move the weight forwards from classic plank (look at the position of the feet)
  • Firm lower belly
  • Body is still parallel to the ground and slowly getting closer to the mat through a push-up
  • Elbows next to the body


  • Pull chest high up
  • Firm and strong core, draw your shoulders back and downwards
  • Touch the mat only with the tops of your feet and your hands
  • Place your hands on the floor alongside your body
  • Strongly engage your leg muscles to keep your thighs lifted off the floor
  • Keep your elbows pressed alongside your body
  • Looking ahead, your head is in a neutral position

Well, what do you think? Try focusing on each of the pose’s points and you will find out that it’s not as easy as it seems! We love yoga nonetheless and we think that it’s a wonderful way how to turn your mind off. If you happen to have back problems, it’s an ideal form of exercise to help with that.

And if you’re not going to Neon Yoga, you still have a chance to go to the Just Woman event and this post has motivated you to do something with your body after being a little lazy in winter. ­čÖé Just Woman is on June 30 in Bratislava, for more info visit www.justwoman.sk. Both of us are going to be there!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, perhaps with some yoga practice ­čÖé

Katka and Iva