What’s up, ladies!

The Christmas holiday season is over and we gotta say, that it was really romantic this year. Don’t know why, but whole 2017 had unusual aura for us, as if we began to see everything through more mature eyes. 🙂 We started the new year with motivation, full of inspiration and expectations what the next year holds for us. We’ll tell you about our resolutions in a bit, one of our work-related ones for 2018 is to bring more topics to the blog. Yep, it’s Wednesday, perhaps an odd time for a new blogpost, but starting now, we will try to make Wednesday posts as regular as Sunday ones. Are you looking forward? 🙂

New Year’s Eve – for some a mandatory booze filled ride, for some a sweatpants night in, and for some a great opportunity for a party and a stunning outfit. Mountain parties in sweatpants are a definite winner in Slovakia, but abroad it’s all about that glitter and glamour and most important – IT’S A SHOW OF THE MOST ORIGINAL PARTY OUTFITS!

Today, we’ve decided to go over world influencers’, singers’, actresses’ outfits and see what they wore for NYE.


One of the most known international bloggers who goes under the name Sincerely Jules, went for a truly beautiful model of a shimmery dress by Zimmerman. The dress is gorgeous, but there’s a catch. It’s 1 789 EUR when on sale. Well, what a buy!?


Popular actress Salma Hayek opted for a floral dress with a sequin applique in the middle. Despite not being able to see the cut completely, we think that the dress made her look older than she actually is. But on the other hand, her cleavage is wow (what would many of do for one like that, right?) 🙂


Similar to Jules, Nicole Richie chose a simple cut sequin piece for the party. This is exactly what we like. Simple, but with a wow effect and sophisticated. She accessorized with subtle earrings (we have a very similar pair on our e-shop, and we really haven’t talked to Nicole about this 🙂 ). It would be a shame to overdo it when you have a dress like this, so everything besides it has to be delicate and decent.


We like Lady Madonna, she’s a true icon in the music industry. But let’s face it, she’s not the youngest and although she’s definitely extremely stylish, there are things that shouldn’t be taken to extremes. What we mean by that is that the bodysuit underneath the see-through dress shouldn’t have been so low-cut.


Okay, this is THE diva. Beyonce is one of those women, who despite their figure can wear whatever they want and still look amazing. And this gold sequin leopard dress is no exception. Paired with massive statement earrings and you have an original outfit! We like that!


Did Jules change at midnight? We don’t know that for sure, but most likely she’d changed before and then was photographed. Anyway, this velvet piece with a light reflection is splendid! (By the way, you can find it on her e-shop.) Faux fur over it and statement earrings along the ears (we also have a similar piece on our e-shop 🙂 ). What more to say, she knows what’s in (and also how to take a good picture!). 😀


Lace is one of the most favorite materials ever. It’s incredibly sexy and sophisticated! A model and actress in one, Emily, knows how to get all the attention! It probably wasn’t the most comfortable dress, but it looks phenomenal in the picture, doesn’t it?


Kim Kardashian’s family portrait looks decent until you notice the length of her dress! 😀 But on the other side, this is such an extravagant family that it doesn’t even surprise us. 🙂 Do you like the dress?

The celebrities of world showbiz have shown us once again that they know how to do it. The prevailing materials and colors at NYE parties were sequins, glitters, gold or silver. Which style do you like the most?

Have a nice Wednesday evening

Katka and Iva