Hey, girls! Here we are, the second Wednesday of the New Year, with a quite interesting fashion topic for you. Surely, you’ve caught a glimpse of an important  Hollywood event from the previous weekend, it’s nothing else than the Golden Globes 2018. Golden Globes awards, awards given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, are always some kind of a herald of the night of the Oscars and that’s why it makes sense for celebrities to look their best in every way. Then, it’s the turn of fashion designers or houses, that take this event full of the press as a wonderful opportunity to show off their haute couture pieces.

This year’s Golden Globes gained very particular dimension. All female stars wore black to express their disagreement with sexual harassment allegations in the entertainment industry and their solidarity with the Time’s Up movement. This new movement was founded by Hollywood A-listers as Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon, or Jennifer Aniston, who have also created fund for people who don’t have enough resources to go to trial if they’ve been a victim of workplace sexual harassment.

As it’s said, black it the color of royals and celebrities can be extremely creative and their looks definitely weren’t dull. Let’s go through a couple of interesting outfits seen at the Golden Globes. And those of you going to a ball, you might find some inspiration right here!


She wore a Prada piece with silver appliqué. We like the combination with nude color, it makes the whole look somehow softer. The veil is a great accessory that makes it stand out. The red clutch could’ve stayed at home, but it looks amazing nonetheless.



This gazelle looked incredibly mysterious in her black gown by Jean Paul Gaultier. We give her extra plus points for choosing a simple piece, when you have such strong features as she does, you need to be careful. We think that colors suit her more, but solidarity is solidarity.


This beautiful velvet Gucci piece is undoubtedly in as everything velvety this season! We can’t help it but we feel that materials as velvet make young and fresh women look older. We like the outfit, but worn by a 40-year old.


A dress by Gucci with nude colored chiffon to give it a more delicate look. This is exactly the style we love. The dress is difficult to make, just look at the layers, plus they’re pleated. But it all looks neat and fresh.



Oh, this diva with porcelain skin knows how to do it! First of all, she knows what’s appropriate for a woman her age (let’s be honest, it’s a problem for us women here and there) and secondly, she knows that if she’d worn something completely black, she’d have looked a bit boring. Having a see-through top made it look more feminine and soft, Nicole did look gorgeous!



This is one of our favorite outfits of the evening! Not that wearing Giambattista Valli is something unusual, but the dress truly fit her. And that’s the skill of the designer himself. He can create a piece which is perfect for the person that is going to wear it. And here you can see a great example of that.


Catherine is an amazing actress and this gown by Zuhair Murad belongs to the most beautiful ones! But somehow we just can’t let her makeup and plastic surgeries go. The very deep V-cut is unnecessary, her cleavage has aged and even her make-up artist could not help in that area.


When we found out that this girl is only 13, we almost passed out! She looks almost 27 in the picture, doesn’t she? And here you can see, how can a single dress and make-up make add years! If she were 27, we would say that she looks gorgeous. But why look older? She could’ve gone for something that would’ve shown that she was, in reality, one of the youngest at the event.


We have a feeling that Mrs Sarah has gone a little overboard with plastic surgeries but that’s for some other time. The dress suits her but for us, there’s a bit too much of everything. The underskirt, corset, sleeves, and a brooch on the belt. Having too many materials in one place was never our thing


Wow, this is it! Ralph & Russo Couture dress for Penelope is exactly our cup of tea. Bold lace with sequins, cut perfect for a woman her age, nothing hanging, sticking out or creating wrinkles. And to top it all off, incredible charisma! We may have a winner!


We do like this Alberta Ferretti dress. Sequined sleeve and a half of the skirt give it a touch of luxury but still looking subtle. The bracelet is of no use, especially when Mary has a tattoo. But that’s just our personal opinion that this super elegant style is not so much ‘her’. Anyhow, still a great choice!


It’s interesting that she was one of the few that had a feather boa at the event, because that’s something that’s definitely in this season. Angelina has such charisma that she can wear a garbage bag and look stunning anyway. The dress is super simple, covering everything and despite that, she’s glowing in it. Perhaps because her mesmerizing face stands out.


Well, she couldn’t have gone wrong. Dolce & Gabbana dress is pretty, but nothing extra, there have been many similar ones. She has a full cleavage, we have to admit that, and she is definitely showing it off. What we like is her overall look, because she looks younger and beautiful. And that’s no joke, with her age and plastic surgeries.


No offense, but seems as a faux pas of the evening. We love simplicity, however, it needs to be sophisticated. Glossy lycra is alright on a dress, but preferably on the dancing ones (and it’s even decorated most of the time). Not even talking about the seam in the center, a belt could’ve hidden this part dividing the top and bottom part. The top part which is about the burst is just a sore for the eyes! Well, we’re not so sure, but this kind of did not work out.


Beautiful Zuhair Murad dress. Amazing look! What bother us is that the dress is short. Even though the dress code says ‘Yes’ to this, above-the-knee length is not appropriate for such an event (and especially not for a 51-year-old woman). We still think that nobody was looking at her legs because the upper part belongs to our favs of the evening.


So, what about you, ladies, found any inspiration? If you are heading to a ball and want to be trendy, definitely go for velvet, lace or feathers! And don’t forget that less is sometimes more – that also goes for make-up. What do you say about our comments, do you agree? Let us know in the comment section. 🙂

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Have a nice, altho rainy, Wednesday, and you can look forward to a big detox post on Sunday that’s already in the making. 🙂

Katka & Iva